Another Something & Company

Thank you to Chris and Joachim for featuring our new collections on Another Something & Company.

“Last year we discovered the beautiful work of Esme Winter, who works under her namesake label together with husband Richard Sanderson since 2008. The British designers/pattern makers create some of the most elegant decorative paper – for instance their ‘Paper Collection‘ – being produced in this part of the world.

The latest Esme Winter collection is a collaboration with Jemma Lewis, a marbled paper artist, who creates through traditional techniques, with everything she produces made in her garden shed in rural Wiltshire. Using the same techniques as the earlier Esme Winter hand-drawn geometric designs, the trio created a series of bold printed marbled papers which combine the extraordinary Esme Winter color palette and technique with Lewis’ beautiful free hand marbling, forming a tremendous hybrid of their individual strengths into the great ‘Marbled Paper’ collection.”

– Esme Winter on Another Something & Company