patterned papers

The original Esme Winter Product. Inspired by early 20th century decorative papers, these have many uses, such as gift wrapping, bookbinding, origami and more.

Each pattern is hand drawn in-house, starting life in pen and ink before reproduction on the printing press. 


Letterpress Cards

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Letterpress cards

Original hand-drawn patterns by Esme Winter, artfully letterpress printed in distinctive colours onto soft, cotton-based paper using a traditional printing press. Designed with a thoughtfulness and quality that will suit any occasion.

Available as a Single Card or as a Box of 6.


Hand bound notebooks


Hand bound notebooks

A high-quality binding with Patterned Paper cover, enclosing 128 pages of smooth ivory paper. Hand bound to lie flat when opened, by a small team of bookbinders in England, combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. 


Marbled Paper


Marbled papers

Our marbled papers are an ongoing collaboration with renowned marble artist Jemma Lewis.

True paper marbling is one of the oldest and most skilled forms of artisan paper decoration. Using Jemma's experience in the craft, we collaborate to create contemporary marbled designs that allow for high-quality reproduction.


Decorative Boxes

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